Adult LIFEgroups

We believe that sustained life change happens best in the context of community.  Our LIFEgroups allow us to learn principles from God's word and grow our souls  as we give our lives away to others.  In our LIFEgroups we discuss the challenges of life as well as learn timeless principles that enable us to navigate through these challenges.  It is also where we pray, care for one another, and are missed if you don't show up!

Below is a list of our LIFEgroups.  Please note that all of our LIFEgroups practice an open policy, meaning that age guidelines are only suggestions.  You may attend whichever LIFEgroup best suits your individual needs.

LIFEgroup for singles:

The Pursuit     Ages 18 - 25

This LIFEgroup is for young single adults who desire to grow in Christ, to care for one another, and to impact their community and world.  We are an exciting, vibrant, safe and welcoming community. The group is led by Darin and Regina Barfield.

LIFEgroups for married couples:

FUSION       First seven years of marriage.

The early years of marriage and family life can bring many changes and challenges.  That is why FUSION LIFEgroup exists.  We want to be a resource to help your marriage be four things:  prepared, transformed, empowered, and restored.  FUSION LIFEgroup is a place where you will find acceptance, love, support, encouragement, and FUN!  This group is led by Fred and Joan Mierow.

FAITHBUILDERS    Up to age 45           Led by Wayne and Martha Logan

VICTORY              Ages 45 - 60           Led by Phillip and Sharon Painter

YOUNG AT HEART  Ages 60 and up       Led by Junior and Judy Simmerman 

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