What We Value

These are the “Top Ten” values that we wish to characterize our ministry. These values are the windows through which we view our ministry, guide our relationships, and direct our programs.

The Bible

We understand that programs don’t change people; God changes people as His Word works in and through them. We are committed to the practical teaching and application of God’s Word as absolute truth that leads to changed lives.


We realize that we can do nothing of lasting value on our own. God is our ultimate source of direction, provision, and power.


We refuse to value comfort over risk. We are willing to risk failure in an attempt to trust God to do great things through His church family by faith.p


We acknowledge God’s supreme value in our personal lives and corporate worship of the church.


Growing believers are committed to continued life change. We believe that life change happens best in small groups of Christian community (LIFEGroups) where openness and accountability are present.

Outward Focused

At West Division Street, every member is a minister. Healthy believers are characterized by a desire to invest in the lives of others.

Love & Grace

We will treat people graciously, regardless of who they are or what they’ve done.


The church is to operate as a body of specially gifted ministers who exercise their spiritual gifts in their area of passion. Every member should be a part of a team of people working together to serve the church family and the greater community.


Excellence honors God and inspires people. Since God gave us His very best, we will honor God by giving our best to Him and others.


We believe that God’s designs are unique and creative. Therefore, we believe it is our divine mandate to continually evaluate our programs and methods to be relevant and to maximize effectiveness.

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